Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction

Title: Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction
Synonyms: Heartwork: Love Guns
Episodes: 3
Released Date: August 28, 2003 till May 21, 2004
Brand: Mint House / Aim High

Based on erotic game by Active.

Asakura Yuu was a mild mannered university student – until he found a mysterious duffle bag with a gun and orders for an assassination. He was terrified at first, but when he held the smooth metal of the pistol in his hand, he started to become someone else. Capable of anything, Yuu takes the assassination job and enters a world of nonstop sex, blood and guns.

When he returns to school with his newfound abilities, he finds it no trouble at all to get any girl he wants. The syndicate and the police want a piece of the new guy, but the one Yuu has to worry about is the gun’s original owner.

Description: anime_miz

Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction episode 1

Episode 1
Released Date: August 28, 2003
Tags: Violence, Handjob, Blowjob, Pee, Virgin, Paizuri, Facial

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Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction episode 2

Episode 2
Released Date: January 23, 2004
Tags: Blowjob, School Girl, Twin Tail, Outdoor Sex, Doggy Style, Cunnilingus, Yuri, Threesome, Violence

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Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction episode 3

Episode 3
Released Date: May 21, 2004
Tags: MILF, Incest, Masturbation, Big Breasts, Blowjob, Doggy Style, Cunnilingus

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