Injuu Onna Kyoushi

Title: Injuu Onna Kyoushi
Japanese Title: 淫獣女教師
Synonyms: School of Darkness
Episodes: 3
Released Date: Jul 21, 1995 till Oct 25, 1996

Yuko is trying to escape from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Taki. After a horrible incident, Yuko seeks out Ayano, her best friend and lover. Ayano invites Yuko to join her in the shower, where she uses her tongue to comfort both Yuko’s mind and luscious body… Ayano is starting a new research project, and as part of her project she possesses an ancient scroll, a mummified body part, and a dagger. Yuko offers to help her with her research by doing a biological analysis on the mummified part. Several days later, Yuko endures another traumatic encounter with Taki. After forcing himself on Yuko, he commits an unimaginable act, leading to the resurrection of the Lust-demon!!! This time, the demon will not be easily subdued… a story filled with horror and mystery, you’ll be sure to enjoy this visual feast filled with red-hot sex and nightmarish imagery…

Label: Pink Pineapple
Prequel: Injuu Kyoushi
Format: mp4

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